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Exotic Oils

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Agarwood Royale Supreme

Agarwood Royale Supreme represents our true passion for

creating the most exotic and fragrant essential oils on the

planet. This Oil is a culmination of over two and a half years

of research and refining.

A truly elegant, rare and totally exotic offering,

Agarwood Royale Supreme will touch your senses and olfactory

experience like none other. Created for both men and women

offering an unforgetable and pleasurable experience.

Agarwood (Aloeswood, Oud, Eagleswood) is the most precious Essential

Oil on the planet costing more than gold per ounce.

Our Agarwood Oil is pure and potent originating from the wildcrafted

forests of Assam, India.

To this exotic fragrant musk  base we add the precious and rare oil of Abrette

Seed Oil (Musk Dana) from India along with other exquisite Essential Oils

such as: Pure Rose Absolute, Morocco

               Champa, select, India

               Dark Patchouli, India

               Kewda Attar, India

               Jasmine, Egypt

               Sandalwood, Mysore, India

               Amber Oil, India (made from our own exclusive 44 day process from Amber resin)

This exquisite blend of Oils represents the most costly Oils, over $1,000 per ounce.

We have spared no cost in bringing you this rare and precious blend.

Wear Agarwood Royale Supreme Body Oil for ALL occasions, a wonderful gift for

the one you love or just for YOU...Enjoy

With  our blessings ~Boyd~


Offered as a very Limited Edtion with FREE Shipping to all US states

3 ml size glass vial, $80



New for 2011...Sample size .5 ml size glass vial with applicator for Agarwood Royale Supreme

We know you will love it, there is nothing like it anywhere.




 Musk Royale

Our new Musk Royale will fill your senses with an exotic experience

so pleasurable and exciting. Rare and enticing Essential Oils from the East

have been blended perfectly creating a new musk scent which appeals to

both men and women. Wear Musk Royale as an all day body oil sure to

attract and bring out your own sensuality.

Contains the Essential Oils of:: Ambrette Seed (Musk Dana) Agarwood (Oud)

from Assam, India, Organic Vetiver, Mysore Sandalwood, Organic Ginger,

Vanilla Bean, Rose of Sharon, Ginger Grass, Cinnamon and pure Amber Oil.

Offered as a 5ml roll on $30


New for 2011...Sample size 1 ML size Musk Royale

The perfect way to try our exotic Body Oils.



Agarwwod (Oud) Attar

The most magnificent Indian Attar anywhere! Our Agarwood Attar

combines the most fragrant Agarwood Oil from Assam, India with the

flower and musk overtones of Champa flowers, Kewda flowers, Rose,

Musk Dana, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber Musk and Sandalwood for the most exotic

and sensual experience. This fragrant body oil will captivate your senses

with an all day all night lasting scent of pure pleasure. Need we say more.

You will love Agarwood Attar. Offer in two sizes, roll on, 5ml and 10ml.

5ml size roll on
10 ml (1/3 oz) roll on



Amber Musk Hand and Body Lotion

Truly luxurious to your skin with the enticing fragrances of Amber and Musk

that will linger for hours. It's time to spoil yourself; you are worth it! Use

Amber Musk Hand and Body Lotion as a moisturizer and all day body cream.

The base cream is all natural glycerin and other vegetable based creams. To this

we add the aromatice fragrances of pure Amber Oil, Ambrette Seed Oil (Musk Dana)

Musk Oud, Vanilla Bean, Organic Vetiver, Peru Balsam, Mysore Sandalwood and Myrrh.

Offered in a beautiful Gold 1.7 ounce jar $33 as a Limited Edition.


 Sandalwood Meditation Oil

Made from the old world infusion method for a potent, fragrant and transcendent

all natural Oil, our Sandalwood Meditation Oil takes 40 days and 40 nights to create.

Infused with organic Vetiver and Amyris, our Mysore Sandalwood is powerful and

the perfect choice for anointing your third eye for meditation and as an exquisite body oil.

It's deep sandalwood aroma will surely inspire you to go deeper into spiritual meditation.

Offered as an idividual one dram (4.6ml) size or as a set of 10 one dram bottles as a gift set.

Choose your quantity from the pull down menu.


One dram size $18...10 piece gift set (each one dram size) $160

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Note: For Agarwood Royale Supreme, picture is for reference only, Oil will be sent in glass vial with applicator

shipping outside the US will be the actual shipping costs with no handling charges